We conduct market research and analysis for your specific needs to ensure your idea, product or service has a good relevancy within the current market.

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The very first stage is to go out into the real world of market and ask different categories of people about the impression your product or service produces on them.

We  carefully plan and design a consumer journey map which iin such a way that we gain all the necessary information about your potential customers. 

We compile real-life research upon the target market of your produc through a questionnaire to review your idea.


At this point of strategy building weapply to an existing research and analyse it in order to estimate suitability of your product or service.


This secondary research allows us to gain an insight into what is happening in the market. It includes both customer and competitor analysis as well as the size of the market and different market segments.

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Market Research is carried out in view of high standards and a wide range of criteria. Having performed the research, our CIM marketers suggest ways to utilise it for the best of your interest in order to create a perfect brand reputation and win numerous retaining clients.

Kazi Marketing Group is adaptable to the nature of different business sectors.