MEDIA. Photography & videography

KMG x OneThreeFive focuses on delivering results to the project at hand whether it is Ad Creation, Content Creation, Fashion Shoots and Capturing Special Moments. 



We specialise in flawless content creation for your brand which suits each project at hand.

We always want to make sure the audience is engaged with the content we curate. 

Luxury Brands, Fashion shows and Corporate Businesses, you name it. We have been there and know how to manage everything at a height. 


Photography is not about simply taking photos of an individual or an object. It is a piece of art which is mastered by a person's professionalism behind the camera. 

At KMG we have got the best of the best photographers and diverse experience, i.e. shooting for London Fashion Week 2020 you can see on the right.



Videography is another piece of art. We realize how much hope you put into professional video shooting, so we could never let ourselves deliver results which do not meet your great expectations.

At KMG we work hard to keep a creative mind when it comes to creating any piece of media.